8+ Best Bouchon in Lyon

The Bouchon are the traditional restaurants of Lyon. If there is one thing to do in Lyon, it’s to eat at a Bouchon, except if you are a vegetarian. Don’t eat at a Bouchon if you are. The Lyonnais are traditionally carnivores. I love eating at a Bouchon, but not all are good. Some are very bad actually, mostly the very touristy ones in Vieux Lyon. It is worth it to reserve a place in a great Bouchon, because the difference between them can be enormous. This list of the best Bouchon in Lyon summarizes the years of research I did, eating great meals in Lyon. 

Tout est bon dans le cochon!

– french expression –

Every one in France knows this expression. It means ‘everything is good in the pig’. In the Bouchon they take this to heart and serve you all parts of the pig, so watch out what you order.

Bouchon Tupin

This is my new favorite. Bouchon Tupin in Rue Tupin is not open that long, but it is very good. They serve modern versions of the traditional dishes and I’ve always eaten really well here and it’s all of my friends favorite Bouchon. You need to reserve ahead to get a table, but maybe at lunch you might be lucky. They change the menu often, but if you find the Riz au Lait (rice pudding) for dessert, get that, it’s so yummy!

Bouchon Le Musée

I love this place but again, make sure to reserve ahead. The owner is very funny. He sits at your table to read you the menu and jokes with you even in broken English. The food is spectacular and very traditional. It’s inside a Traboule, a hidden passageway. Try the Joue de Porc (pigs cheeks). Don’t be scared if you have never tried it. The cheeks are cooked for hours and turn into extremely tender meat. So good!

Bouchon Thomas

This is a great place south of Place Bellecour. Great place to eat if you are staying on the Presqu’île. Make sure to book ahead.

Nôtre Maison

This is an excellent bouchon in Vieux Lyon. Because most bouchon in Vieux Lyon are average at best, this one is a nice exception. They even freshly prepare their quennelles, the local dumplings that most places get premade. Be prepared that your meal will take the whole evening though.

Café des Fédérations

This is an old-fashioned place that has been here forever. Back in the day, it used to be famous for the rude waiters and the great food, but this was back in the 70s. Now, it is just famous for the great traditional meals they prepare. Better to book ahead.

Bouchon Des Filles

The women that opened this place used to work in Daniel and Denise and started out for themselves. They try to serve the typical bouchon food in a new way. The dishes are not as heavy as in some traditional places.

Daniel et Denise

There are three locations of this restaurant in Lyon and all three have the ‘bib gourmand’, the Michelin rating for the restaurants with the best price/quality ratio. The restaurants are run by chef Joseph Viola, who got the hard to get distinction ‘meilleure ouvrier de France’ in 2004.

Bouchon Bat d’Argent

This is a great new bouchon on the Presqu’ile. I recently went here and loved it. Nice prices and a more modern setting make this bouchon definitely worth checking out.


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