Best markets in Lyon

There are some great markets in Lyon. Whenever I visit a city, I always love to go see a market, just to see what’s bring produced and to try some food. Lyon is the culinary capital of France and therefore you can find some amazing food in the markets.

Moreover, you have other markets, like art markets and book markets. Keep reading to find out my favorite markets in Lyon.

Marché de Boulevard de la Croix-Rousse, one of the best markets in Lyon

This is the best produce market in Lyon in my opinion and many Lyonnais agree with me. On busy days, the market is 1km long. It’s on top of the Croix-Rousse hill, the old silk workers neighborhood.
Go here in Saturday or Sunday, when it’s busiest, but other market days are also nice, like Tuesday or Friday. The market starts early and finishes around midday during the week and around 13:30 on weekends.

Good stuff to buy: French cheese, fruit, charcuterie, bread. Try the local St. Marcelin cheese or some rosette, a local salami.

Marché de Quai Saint-Antoine

This produce market is very good during the the weekend, but can be quite small during the week. I can really recommend going on Sunday, which is a real market day.

Good stuff to buy: again, cheese, bread and charcuterie. There are some food trucks. Many people have oysters and a glass of wine at the far south end of the market.

Book market

In the weekends on the Quai de saône when it is not raining, there is a nice second hand book market. It’s located a little bit upriver from the produce market. 99% of the books are in French, so if you want to brush up on your French it’s an excellent spot to buy some cheap classics.

Marché des Créateurs

On sundays on the Vieux Lyon side of the Saône, you can find a creator’s market. Artists expose and sell their artworks and some of the art is high quality.

Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse, one of the most famous markets in Lyon

This is probably the most famous market in Lyon. It’s a covered market with many famous local producers and little restaurants. Go for lunch, when everything is open and the day plates are great deals.

What to get: saucisson brioché, quenelles de brochet, saucisson à cuire, boudin noir, St marcelin cheese, Beaujolais wine, frog’s legs.

If you’re here, don’t miss the rooftop garden of the spiral parking lot next door. Just take the elevator to the top.

Marché Alimentaire Victor Augagneur

This market is on the Rhône riverbanks and is big on Saturday, Sunday and also on Thursday afternoon. This is the market closest to my home, so you might see me buying something from the food trucks on Thursday evening.

What to get: roasted chicken, pastilla from the Moroccan lady, take away Vietnamese, French cheese, charcuterie.

Halles de l’Hôtel Dieu

This is a little food market and court inside the Hôtel Dieu. It’s a bit upscale, but there are tables to sit down for lunch.

What to get: a fish day plate at Vianey, cheese at la mère Richard, cake at Pignol, croissant at Pozzuoli

Halles de la Martinière

This old local produce market had been closed for a long time, but they reopened it recently and made it into a food court. Now they stay open until midnight, you can have some french style tapas or crepes, they serve beer and wine and there is an organic supermarket. It’s nice to sit outside in the summer.


And, if you’ve seen the markets of Lyon, you might want to see what the local chefs do with all this great produce. Check my list of:

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