Meeting Points of Free Tour Lyon

We have two meeting points for our tours. The Vieux Lyon tour starts on Place Saint-Jean and the City Tour starts on Place des Terreaux. Here you can find pictures of the exact place we meet and links to google maps. This way, it should be very easy to find the meeting points!

Pub Crawl of Vieux Lyon

Check Very Well!

Some days I start on Place St. Jean and some days on Place des Terreaux. Make sure you go to the right place on the right time! Sometimes people make a mistake and they miss the tour! Check the pictures and google maps links below to go to the right place.

Croix-Rousse Pub Crawl

Don't go to my Business Address

Sometimes Google maps with Google calendar tells you to go to my business adress. The Tours do NOT start here. There is no reason to go there!

University Area Pub Crawl

Call me if you have a problem.

You can find my phone number on the contact page on this website or in your booking email. I can send you a WhatsApp message with my live location, so you can find the tour, even if you are a bit late! I can't always answer the phone after 10:00, because I am with the group.

Free Tour of Vieux Lyon: Place Saint Jean

This tour starts on Place Saint-Jean, at the statue in the middle. It is the main square of Vieux Lyon and is located right in front of Cathedral Saint Jean. It is easy to walk here if you stay in the city center, otherwise take the metro to metro stop Vieux Lyon, which is right around the corner. You can also click on this link to see where the meeting point is on Google Maps.

The days of this tour are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Free City Tour Lyon: Place des Terreaux

This free tour starts on Place des Terreaux. Place des Terreaux is the main town square of Lyon, where you find City Hall and the Fine Arts Museum. We start next to the door of the Museum. It is easy to get here. You can walk, or take the metro to Hotel de Ville. The square is just on the other side of City Hall.

The days of this tour are Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

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