The Bouchon

The Bouchon

Bouchon are traditional restaurants. They were often founded by Les Mères and Les Tantes, the mothers and the aunts. Make sure to know what it is you order before, because they use a lot of cheap cuts (offal/intestines) in their dishes. But some of my favorite meals in my life I ate at some of these Bouchon.

Open Air Markets Lyon

The Open Air Markets

Try to visit one of the open air morning markets. I love the markets. Especially the weekend markets are great. There is one on the riverbanks of the Saône and also one on the Rhône. Another great market is on the Boulevard de la Croix-Rousse.

The Halles Paul Bocuse

The Halles

The most famous covered food market in Lyon is the Halles Paul Bocuse, named after the famous chef. You find some of the best producers in town and it's a great place to have lunch. Others halles are the Halle de la Martinière and the Halles de l'Hôtel Dieu.

Lyon: the Culinary Capital of France

Lyon has always been known for the great food, the great chefs and a great culinary tradition. The Pope of French Cuisine, Paul Bocuse, is from here. His restaurant has three michelin stars and is a little bit expensive, but the city has a great food scene, with restaurants and shops for all budgets. One of the best sites to find great restaurants is the website of the Michelin guide. Obviously, the starred restaurants are not always in everybody’s price range, but you can search for the restaurants with the Bib Gourmand. These are restaurants that have ‘normal’ prices, but still well worth checking out. The website also offers lunch and dinner deals.

Grocery Shops and Markets

These are, according to us, some of the best places to get food in Lyon.

Market on Quai Saint-Antoine

We love this produce market. Go on saturday or sunday when the market is very lively and there are a lot of stands. Probably the best market in Lyon.

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Market on Croix-Rousse

The market on Croix-Rousse hill is also very nice. A great place to taste some funny looking French cheeses or sausages. When you stay in the area it's a nice place to visit.

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Les Halles Paul Bocuse

Named after famous chef Paul Bocuse, this is an upscale market. Here you will find only the very best ingredients and wines. Many great restaurants get their food here. Don't miss the enormous fresco of Paul Bocuse outside on Cours Lafayette.

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This butcher and traiteur is a Lyonnais classic. This is the place to get the best saucisson cuit, cooked sausage and rosette. However, it's a bit expensive...

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A La Marquise

This patisserie is lovely. It's located in Vieux Lyon and it's a perfect place to try the Brioche a Praline or just get a perfect Pain au Chocolat.

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Pâtisserie Bouillet

This patisserie sells some of the best cakes and macaron we ever tried in Lyon. If you like sweet, this is the place to go!

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Les Bouchons Lyonnais

The Bouchon are the traditional restaurants in Lyon. The following ones are great. Come with an empty stomach!

Le Musée

One of the best Bouchon in Lyon. The Patron comes to your table to explain all the food to you. It's a great experience and great food.

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Le Bouchon des Filles

This bouchon really excellent. I ate really well here. It is quite well known, so call ahead. Great food and a family-like atmosphere.

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Notre Maison

This place serves slow food, not fast food. The quality of food is excellent, but sometimes it takes a while to arrive. It is all freshly made and you won't mind waiting in this charming place.

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Les Ventres Jaunes

Many of the bouchon in the heart of Vieux Lyon are not the best, but this one is a nice exception. The whole place is chicken themed. If you are looking for an affordable meal in the heart of Vieux Lyon, this is your best bet.

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Chez Mouniers

Around Place Bellecour, you find the restaurant street Rue des Marroniers. Not all bouchon are great, but at Chez Mouniers you can get a decent meal for a very decent price (especially around midday).

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Bouchon Le Jura

Located in the heart of Presqu'île, this is a lovely bouchon, with a great ambiance. Great quality for the price.

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Bouchon Tupin

This is my new favorite bouchon. These guys do a modern version of the old bouchon food and it is amazing. Make sure to reserve for dinner, but at lunch you might find a table by just showing up.

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